16th International Architecture Exhibition—Venice Biennale 2018

26 May–25 November 2018, Venice, Artiglierie, Arsenale

Authors: Alisa Andrašek, Vlatka Horvat, Maja Kuzmanović and Bruno Juričić

The “Cloud Pergola / The Architecture of Hospitality” project is based on creative synergy of four authors: architects Alisa Andrašek and Bruno Juričić, visual artist Vlatka Horvat, and intermedia artist Maja Kuzmanović.

The exhibition is designed through interaction of three interventions: Cloud drawing by Alisa Andrašek and Bruno Juričić, To Still the Eye by Vlatka Horvat, and Ephemeral garden by Maja Kuzmanović. In line with the theme Freespace, which was determined as a dominant concept by artistic directors of the Biennale, the project focuses on the experience of being under the pergola, which allows you to play with the environment, mobilising eco-friendly, natural elements, and opening up a space for the poetics of living. The pergola is made of innovative, computer-generated modules, and it looks like three-dimensional lace.

RepresentativeBruno Juričić

Bruno Juričić
is an architect and curator in the fields of architecture, art, and technology. He graduated from the University Institute of Architecture Venice and studied as a guest student at the TU Berlin. In 2007, he received his M.Sc. degree in Urban Strategies from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where he studied under the auspices of Wolf Prix, Greg Lynn, and Zaha Hadid. He was a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles. His research under the title “Architecture without frontiers: was it all architecture?” addresses the issues of the relationship between art and architecture. In 2010, he became a lecturer for the Getty Research Institute Seminars in Architecture and Design in Los Angeles. In 2011, as Head of the MLAUS Institute, together with Alisa Andrašek (Biothing), he initiated a series of international summer symposiums titled “Proto/e/co/logics.”. The aim of the symposiums was to tease speculative directions in architecture and move away from reductive approaches to ecology.
Symposium participants included, among others, Jeffrey Kipnis, Michael Meredith, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Sanford Kwinter, Sylvia Lavin, Patrik Schumacher, Adrian Lahoud, and Tom Kovach.
Juričić’s projects have been presented at the Piaggio Foundation in Pisa, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana, the Miami Biennial, the Far Eastern Memorial Foundation in Taipei, the Institute for Applied Information Technology in Vienna, the International Generative Art Conference of the Milan Polytechnic University, and the Utopia Station Exhibition at the 50th Venice Biennale.